August 10, 2016

Smart Fence , PID Systems

The Fence Mounted Sensor Cable is advanced concept in Perimeter Security Systems, based on a unique Sensor Cable that can be mounted on any type of perimeter barrier. Any mechanical stress induced to the Fence Mounted Sensor Cable is converted to electronic signals which processed by powerful microprocessor located in the Fence Mounted Sensor Cable Field Controller

Sensor Perimeter Security Systems benefits

Super Probability Of Detection

made in IRAN

Armored Micro-phonic cable

No false alarm rate on Micro-phonic cable system, very low false alarm rate on other sensors

Cost – effective operation

Easy to install on any mesh fence, concertina, barbed wire

Maintenance free Perimeter Security Systems

Perfect solution to any perimeter size protection

armored Microphonic cable

Sensor Cable characteristics
Low frequency Strain Relief Fence Perimeter Security Systems based on copper cable technology with heavy-duty outer jacket, black PVC UV protected, for outdoor installation. Each Detection channel can handle up to 1200m’ of Sensor Cable.

Fence Mounted Sensor Field Controller
The Perimeter Security Systems Fence Mounted Sensor Cable Field Controller includes two high sensitivity detection channels. The high sensitivity feature of Fence Mounted Sensor Cable and controller allow the user to install the Fence Mounted Sensor Cable on a variety of barriers and underground Security systems.

Sensor Fence is Shetab Ara Tech first smart fence intrusion detection system. It is the first product that combines electronic detection  with a physical fence barrier, in a unique design which maximises the benefits of both fence construction and electronic sensor.

To achieve optimum performance, the mechanical properties of the fence have been carefully designed. They ensure that the frequency bandwidth of any intruder activity falls exactly within the frequency bandwidth of the sensor system. In short, any cutting or climbing of the fence will produce a maximum level of response from the sensor.

What’s more, this unique system ensures that even careful attacks on the fence are detected at minimum sensitivity levels, which also minimises the number of false alarms.

This breakthrough has been achieved by the unique method of attaching fence panels to the sensor cable carrier. This sensor cable and fence matching also means that installing the sensor cable on the fence is much quicker and simpler. The sensor cable can be simply laid within the carrier, without the need for additional fixings such as cable ties or clamps.

In addition, cable trays can also be attached along the base of the secure side of the fence. This makes the installation of data and power cables much easier, which in turn enables a wide range of detection systems to be configured. These trays remove the need for any trenching and ducting that would be required to accommodate the such cables.